When you picture a Swiss Army Knife, chances are you imagine a conveniently sized pocket knife that is red. While a classic red Swiss Army Knife with the all-familiar Victorinox logo is surely a solid choice, custom Swiss Army Knives bring you the all the things you love about your go-to red pocket knife with a little more personality.

Why You Need a Customized Swiss Army Knife

You don’t wear the same shirt as your best friend, or drive the same car as your next-door neighbor, so why should you use the same pocket knife as every Jack, Joe, or Mary walking down the street? You shouldn’t, and with our custom Swiss Army Knives, you don’t have to.

With our custom printed knives, you can find a pocket knife that matches your style flawlessly. Because everything is better when you are in love with how it looks. Why do you think phone cases are so popular? Not everyone wants the classic look—plus, you need to be able to distinguish your Swiss Army Knife from the rest. Our custom printed knives allow you to finally bring your personality to an item that you always have with you.

Ideal Occasions for Personalized Swiss Army Knives

You already know that Swiss Army Knives make great gifts. Not only are they extremely useful, they show the person receiving the gift that you truly care about them. After all, it is equipped with an abundance of tools that will help them survive in an emergency, and all of our personalized Swiss Army Knives include a lifetime warranty. That’s why there really is no bad time to give a custom Swiss Army Knife as a gift. For example:

  • Give our limited edition Spartan Swiss Army Knife to the avid knife collector. It is a one-of-a-kind custom pocket knife that features a stunning display of a bald eagle with its wings spread wide and an American flag in the background. This customized Swiss Army Knife is sure to be a favorite in their collection, and you can only get it from All Things Swiss.
  • When you need a professional gift for a business associate, there is nothing better than our Huntsman custom Swiss Army Knife in Hardwood. It includes all the dependable tools you would expect in personalized Swiss Army Knives, such as a sampling of screwdrivers, multiple blades, and the often-underestimated tweezers and toothpick, but its sleek hardwood appearance leaves a lasting impression of professionalism.
  • If you need a gift for someone that is impossible to buy for—such as your teenager, a significant other, or even a co-worker—our classic SD limited edition custom knives are perfect. Each year, Victorinox asks its fans what they would want on a custom Swiss Army Knife if they were a designer, and every year the winning looks are incredible. The Color Up Your Life custom pocket knife will brighten anyone’s day with its vivid texturized circle pattern, while the Iron Factory customized Swiss Army Knife is sure to stand out in a crowd. And who wouldn’t love the Flip to Decide custom Swiss Army Knife, because a pocket knife is surely more enjoyable to use for decision making than a quarter.
  • Give a customized Swiss Army Knife to yourself, because you deserve all of its amazing features and alluring appearance just as much as your loved ones.

Features of Our Custom Printed Knives

Not only do our personalized Swiss Army Knives look incredible, they are also extremely functional and just as dependable as the Swiss Army Knives you know and love. Each one is Swiss-made with stainless steel implements, and is crafted with precision to ensure it lasts a lifetime. While each custom Swiss Army Knife contains different tools, some of the ones you can expect to see include:

  • Large and Small Knife Blades
  • Phillips and Flathead Screwdriver
  • Wire Stripper
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers
  • Can Opener
  • Corkscrew
  • Reamer
  • Nail File
  • Scissors
  • Key Ring
  • Wood Saw
  • Multi-purpose Hook
  • And more

With a custom Swiss Army Knife in your pocket, you can be prepared for whatever life brings your way—and you can do it in style. No matter which custom pocket knife you choose, you know that you can count on its durability to get you through some difficult situations. Even if you are just using the knife to cut off price tags, or you pull out the bottle opener to crack open your beer, your custom Swiss Army Knife will put a smile on your face with every use. And the best part about owning a customized Swiss Army Knife is that you can finally catch the person who keeps borrowing yours.