Whether you are skinning game, cleaning fish, or need a versatile tool for your next hike or camping trip, you have come to the right place. In this section, you can browse from a wide range of outdoor knives — from Victorinox hunting knives to pocketknives for all other types of uses.

There are many factors that may constitute a quality outdoor knife; however, it mainly boils down to personal preference toward what you intend on using the knife for. If you are looking for a multi-tool to perform a variety of outdoor activities (i.e., cut, open cans and bottles, etc.), then one of the many compact camping knives we offer might best suit your needs. For example, a knife for advanced use such as skinning game, cutting meat, and cleaning fish, will require a much longer blade. As you can see, the outdoor knife that you choose is largely dictated on what you plan to use it for. Hunting pocketknives are nice because they are compact and lightweight enough to store and carry easily, yet versatile enough where they can be used for many purposes. To the same accord, fixed blade knives are excellent in that the longer blades enable them to do more when you are outdoors or on the boat or dock. While these types of knives tend to be slightly larger, they can still be tucked away into tackle boxes, backpacks, tote bags, and many more. In more dire situations, these knives are also ideal survival accessories in case of any given emergency.

At All Things Swiss, we have a wide variety of high-quality Victorinox hunting, fishing, and outdoor knives. These incredibly strong, easily accessible, and ergonomically shaped blades are ideal for your specific purposes. If you aren’t sure which knife is for you, contact us today.