Small footprint, big possibilities.

There are plenty of incredible benefits that come with carrying an All Things Swiss key chain size knife. These space-saving tools can conveniently fit inside of your pant or shirt pocket for easy access to any situation that may arise. They are also discreet enough to be brought into places that a larger knife may be restricted. The small size can help ensure that you have all of the tools on you that you may need perfectly tucked away for any purpose. Essential devices such as these are incredibly lightweight, which makes them much easier to carry. As the name implies, they can be fastened to your key chain to go with you anywhere you bring your keys. Despite their small footprint, however, key chain knives serve a variety of different necessary functions. Aside from a small blade, they are also multi-tool and feature excellent scissors, filers, screwdrivers, bottle openers, tweezers, and much more. All of this on one device makes Swiss Army keychain knives an ideal, versatile accessory for regular, everyday use.

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