Small. Safe. Secure.

When you think of Lockblade knives, the above characteristics should come to mind. At All Things Swiss, we offer every type of Lockblade. One of the fantastic things about this type of knife is that it is designed for safety and security. The unique spring mechanism allows the blade to lock into place when it is open, making for safe operations while it is in use. When you want to disengage the blade, you simply push down on any exposed part of the knife’s spine, and it will be placed into a closed position. It is incredibly easy and convenient to use when a situation arises, and just as effortless to close and put away when you are done with it and ready to put it back into your backpack, pocket, or on your belt.

In this section, you can browse from an excellent variety of Lockblade knives that can stand against any task. From small and sturdy Lockblade sizes and Victorinox Swiss Army knives to limited-edition versions, we are confident you will find the knife you need. These tools make for a great, useful gift for someone who needs a strong, durable knife and can come in handy for personal use in everyday situations. Aside from offering a sharp blade for cutting, these knives also often come with other fantastic multi-tool attachments for any given reason. Some of the additional fittings may include a file, scissors, can or bottle opener, corkscrew, screwdriver, tweezers and saw blade, and many others. If you are looking for a popular style such as the Victorinox RangerGrip or the Workchamp, we have the Lockblade knife style for you. Contact All Things Swiss today if you need assistance or have questions about the Swiss Army Lockblade knife that would work best.