Victorinox 3 Piece Cheese Knife Set


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The new set includes a parmesan knife suitable for a variety of semi-hard cheeses with a fork tip that allows for picking up an serving thin slices of cheese alongside olives, crackers and fruit. Also included is a perforated knife with specially designed holes that prevent semi-hard cheese varieties from sticking to the blade. The third knife in the set has a wide blade that makes quick work for especially soft cheeses.

Product Details:

  • Parmesan Knife
  • Cheese Knife Fork Tip
  • Soft Cheese Knife
  • High-carbon, no stain steel with unique blade finish
  • Renowned edge and edge retention
  • Edges are laser tested to ensure optimum cutting power and durability
  • Lightweight yet balanced for extended use

Boxed • Swiss-made • Lifetime Warranty