Which Swiss Army Knife For You?

It’s hard to decide which better serves as a universal icon for Swiss ingenuity and dedication to precision and quality, the Swiss Army knife or the Swiss made timepiece, but nothing quite embodies the qualities of versatility, durability, meticulous design and manufacture, and just downright practical usefulness more than a… Read More

Wenger Watches: Excellent Swiss Made Gifts

Of all the Swiss-made gifts you could choose, you probably know Swiss watches as among the finest options in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Swiss-made gifts have a high quality reputation for good reason; artisans take the time and care to create high-quality products, especially with watches. Swiss-made gifts like… Read More

Wenger Swiss Army Knives Discontinued

Wenger brand Swiss Army knives will no longer be produced as of 2014, said Victorinox, the owners of the brand. “Many consumers can hardly distinguish between the knife products from Victorinox and Wenger and the global fight for survival is getting increasingly fierce,” said Carl Elsener, CEO of Victorinox. Wenger,… Read More

Victorinox Fragrances for Men & Women

Victorinox Swiss Army is synonymous with adventure and quality, and their new line of fragrances for men and women is as exciting and versatile as other Swiss Army products. These colognes and perfumes exhilarate the skin with the scents and sensations of a Swiss mountainside. Available for both men and… Read More

The Swiss Army Tool Guide

The knives we know and love as Swiss Army knives have been around for more than 100 years. For some, they are useful tools to have with them during various life events. For others, they serve as a rite of passage — a crossing over from boyhood into manhood. Through… Read More