The Quality of Swiss Craftsmanship

While Switzerland is one of the smallest countries in Europe, Swiss craftsmanship has a huge international reputation for quality. Swiss craftsmanship is the benchmark by which all other artisans are judged. From delicacies like cheese to sturdy Swiss Army Knives and reliable Swiss watches, manufacturers and consumers agree that steel,… Read More

The Pewter Production Process – Zinn-Stube Pewter from Switzerland

The Zinn-Stube Pewter Foundry The Zinn-Stube pewter foundry, located in Switzerland, produces the lovely, hand-cast pewter candlesticks, vases, tankards, and letter openers made available through All Things The Swiss company is relatively small, employing 30 full-time workers. All Things Swiss chose this particular pewter foundry for their dedication to… Read More

The Ever Adapting Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox, the company that invented Swiss Army Knives, started making knifes intended for Swiss soldiers. His “Schweizer Offiziersmesser” or “Officer” knife included a screwdriver and a can opener. These tools allowed soldiers to dissemble their rifles and open cans of food with one pocket-sized tool. The knife proved to be… Read More

The Best Swiss Army Knife for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

The first thing every girl or boy scout needs is a pocket knife. These handy little contraptions conveniently store all of the essential tools for camping, hiking, or even helping someone in need. As you probably know, there is no shortage of teen pocket knives out there, but they are… Read More

Swiss Army Knife Cleaning

Swiss Army Knives and cutlery made by Victorinox are highly durable, quality tools that can last a lifetime with appropriate care. Cleaning Over time, Swiss army knives can stiffen from debris and dirt collected on the hinges. Some chemicals and foods, when left on the tool for too long, can… Read More