Best Victorinox Kitchen Knives

Kitchens and knives are synonymous with each other, as they are utilized in kitchens throughout the world to prepare food, cut into foods while eating, and more. But like all things in the kitchen, some knives are simply made better than others — and Victorinox kitchen knives happen to be among the best!

Whether you’re looking to bring a new set of knives into your home or aiming to upgrade the blades in your restaurant or commercial kitchen, it pays to invest a little bit more upfront in acquiring the best kitchen knives to make food prep easier and more convenient. This post will share more information about Victorinox cutlery and some of the various types of knives that are staples in the kitchen.

Paring Knives

Paring knives are small but mighty. Simply put, these types are primarily used to cut through fruits, vegetables, and more when preparing meals.

They’re also often used for kitchen tasks like peeling potatoes and removing seeds. As we said, paring knives are on the smaller end of kitchen knives, characterized by their slim size. The blade tends to be pointed and sharp, making easy work of the tasks above. Browse our website for more information about paring knives and to view our in-stock three-piece paring and peeler sets.

Serrated Knives

Serrated knives are those with grooves or edges throughout the blade. Their appearance is described by many as being “toothlike.” They’re best used to slice and dice tougher foods and softer ones that you want to maintain the shape on. For instance, they’re meant to cut through bread without damaging the loaf.

The saw-like characteristics of the knife permit the teeth of the blade to catch and cut what it’s processing, while the rest of the knife can slice the food. Some serrated knives even come in foldable versions to make storage safer and more convenient. Browse our selection of Victorinox serrated knives to see all of our in-stock options.

Cheese Knives

Similar to the appearance of the cheese itself, cheese knives usually take on a “swiss” look and feature one or more holes in the blade. This helps the knife better manage the potential sticky surface associated with many kinds of cheese and prevents the knife from sticking to the blade.

At All Things Swiss, we have various cheese knives in stock, including a three-piece cheese knife set that can slice and dice its way through any type of cheese!

Santoku Knives

Different types of knives can be used to cut meat, poultry, and fish. In this section, we’re going to highlight a specific type of knife: the Santoku knife. Santoku knives are ideal when you want to carry out extremely precise cutting, dicing, or mincing. They are characterized by their sharp, straight edges and pointed tips.

Though Santoku knives’ roots are in cutting the likes of sushi and raw fish, they can be deployed for meats and poultry. What’s nice about Santoku knives is that the blade is very large, making it easy to scoop and serve or easily transport food to a grill or griddle for cooking after the slicing has taken place. We have a variety of chef’s knives and Santoku knives in stock, including starter sets for those looking to get started with this type of cutlery.

Victorinox Kitchen Knives From All Things Swiss

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