Best Victorinox Kitchen Knives

Kitchens and knives are synonymous with each other, as they are utilized in kitchens throughout the world to prepare food, cut into foods while eating, and more. But like all things in the kitchen, some knives are simply made better than others — and Victorinox kitchen knives happen to be among the best!

Whether you’re looking to bring a new set of knives into your home or aiming to upgrade the blades in your restaurant or commercial kitchen, it pays to invest a little bit more upfront in acquiring the best kitchen knives to make food prep easier and more convenient. This post will share more information about Victorinox cutlery and some of the various types of knives that are staples in the kitchen.

Paring Knives

Paring knives are small but mighty. Simply put, these types are primarily used to cut through fruits, vegetables, and more when preparing meals.

They’re also often used for kitchen tasks like peeling potatoes and removing seeds. As we said, paring knives are on the smaller end of kitchen knives, characterized by their slim size. The blade tends to be pointed and sharp, making easy work of the tasks above. Browse our website for more information about paring knives and to view our in-stock three-piece paring and peeler sets.

Serrated Knives

Serrated knives are those with grooves or edges throughout the blade. Their appearance is described by many as being “toothlike.” They’re best used to slice and dice tougher foods and softer ones that you want to maintain the shape on. For instance, they’re meant to cut through bread without damaging the loaf.

The saw-like characteristics of the knife permit the teeth of the blade to catch and cut what it’s processing, while the rest of the knife can slice the food. Some serrated knives even come in foldable versions to make storage safer and more convenient. Browse our selection of Victorinox serrated knives to see all of our in-stock options.

Cheese Knives

Similar to the appearance of the cheese itself, cheese knives usually take on a “swiss” look and feature one or more holes in the blade. This helps the knife better manage the potential sticky surface associated with many kinds of cheese and prevents the knife from sticking to the blade.

At All Things Swiss, we have various cheese knives in stock, including a three-piece cheese knife set that can slice and dice its way through any type of cheese!

Santoku Knives

Different types of knives can be used to cut meat, poultry, and fish. In this section, we’re going to highlight a specific type of knife: the Santoku knife. Santoku knives are ideal when you want to carry out extremely precise cutting, dicing, or mincing. They are characterized by their sharp, straight edges and pointed tips.

Though Santoku knives’ roots are in cutting the likes of sushi and raw fish, they can be deployed for meats and poultry. What’s nice about Santoku knives is that the blade is very large, making it easy to scoop and serve or easily transport food to a grill or griddle for cooking after the slicing has taken place. We have a variety of chef’s knives and Santoku knives in stock, including starter sets for those looking to get started with this type of cutlery.

Victorinox Kitchen Knives From All Things Swiss

As your one-stop-shop for all of the cutlery you could ever need, we’re standing by and ready to help outfit your kitchen with high-performing, quality knives. Contact us today for more information!

Swiss Army Knife Outdoor Uses

One of the best things about Swiss Army Knives is that they’re incredibly versatile. They can be used for everyday tasks such as cutting open boxes and mail and are also a key accessory during hunting, fishing, and camping trips in the great outdoors. Even in a survival situation, these tools have the potential to be life-saving. In this post, we’re going to focus on the latter types of Swiss Army Knife uses.

Why are these knives such an essential outdoor tool? It’s simple: Swiss Army Knives are multi-function tools that pack so much into something so little. Models have more than 20 functions, including blades, screwdrivers, wire strippers, can openers, reamers, filers, wrenches, corkscrews, and scissors. And because they’re so small, they can conveniently fit into backpacks, pockets, and more for easy transportation purposes!

Here’s a look at some of the key outdoor utility knife uses:


When you’re ready to cast a line out in the water, make sure you have your Swiss Army Knife with you. These are among the best fishing knives to carry, and they come in handy for a variety of different tasks when you’re out on the boat away from shore or just casting off the dock. For example:

  • Use the scissors or knife blade to cut the fishing line that you thread into your fishing pole. Is your line snagged or not casting right? Use the same scissors or knife tool to cut the line at problem spots and make a quick fix.
  • Use pliers to help dislodge any hooks from the fish you reel in. Pliers can also help remove hooks that fish may have swallowed without causing harm to the animal.
  • If you’re feeling particularly handy, you can even use the blade to prepare any fish that you’ve caught for dinner!


The multitude of tools packed into the small footprint of a Swiss Army Knife permits essentially endless options when you’re out in the woods camping, like using the can opener tool to open cans and prepare food over the fire to cut thread and wire to pitch a tent.

It can even be used to cut through wood to help make a shelter. Yes, the uses are essentially endless when you’re out camping. Just think of it as a toolbox small enough to fit inside your pocket!


Whether you’re sharpening a spear, the tip of an arrow, or just using this tool to prepare any game that you’ve caught, you can’t go wrong with bringing a Swiss Army Knife out into the blind with you on your next hunt.

And keep in mind that many hunting excursions also involve camping, so you can essentially double-dip on the uses with your Swiss Army Knife to utilize it for many of the tasks discussed in the above section. So make sure this tool is tucked away in your supplies before your next hunting trip — chances are, it will come in very handy.

Survival Situations

Finally, as we noted above, outdoor Swiss Army Knives are potentially life-saving in survival situations. They can be used to hunt small game and for self-defense purposes. These knives can be used to make fires and help prepare food, too. You can sharpen the edges of branches to create spears and arrows for hunting. You can also saw off branches and small trees to make a shelter. Having a knife on hand can be a matter between life and death in any type of survival situation. You can’t go wrong with a Swiss Army Knife.

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SwissChamp 33 Function Knife

Think about what’s in your toolbox for a moment. You probably have pliers, wrenches, hammers, wire strippers, saws, scissors, and more. Surely, all of these accessories in your toolbox wouldn’t be able to fit inside of a 3.5-inch Swiss Army knife, right? Think again.

Introducing the Victorinox SwissChamp Swiss Army knife, which packs the functionality of your toolbox into a compact, versatile, and portable footprint. An ideal companion on your next hike, camping trip, or just for everyday use around your home, the functionality is unmatched compared to other knives.

Read on for more information on the key features and uses of the SwissChamp and why you’ve never met a Swiss Army knife quite like this one.

Key Features

The SwissChamp has 33 — yes, 33 — features, making this knife one of the more versatile multi-function tools on the market today. And despite being packed with these features, it’s just 3.5 inches in size, so it’s still compact enough to fit into your pocket or purse.

The Victorinox SwissChamp features both a large and a small blade, a can opener with a screwdriver, a bottle opener, scissors, pliers, wood saw, magnifying glass, fish scaler, corkscrew, hook, chisel, toothpick, keyring, and others. This makes it more than just a “nice to have” tool, but an essential one. And when you’re done using any of the tools that are packed into the SwissChamp’s compact profile, all you need to do is fold it up and tuck it into your pocket for safekeeping.

Everyday Uses

The Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp pocket knife is an incredibly versatile tool that’s an ideal accessory on any camping or fishing trip, hike, or everyday use. It can also come in handy for any important survival situation, as it’s packed with just about anything you’ll need to catch food, prepare it, and more.

Say you’re in the mailroom at work and need to cut tape to send a package. You can select from one of the knife’s two blades or the scissors to get the job done. What if you need to fix a bike pedal, unscrew a battery compartment, or carry out some other household task with basic tools? There’s a Phillips screwdriver, mini screwdriver, and fine screwdriver attachment, not to mention pliers.

Now say your situation is direr, and you’re with limited supplies out in the woods. There’s a hook for fishing and a fish scaler for preparing your catch. Plus a blade for help hunting larger game, a magnifying glass to make fire, and a wood saw to cut through trees and brush or build a shelter.

As you can see, there are plenty of Swiss Army knife uses, but the SwissChamp takes functionality to a whole new level.

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Best Swiss Army Knife: Our Top 3 Best Swiss Army Knives

Though Victorinox is now a registered trademark in more than 120 countries worldwide, the Swiss Army Knife as we know it was born of humble beginnings in a Switzerland ink cutter’s workshop in 1884. Swiss Army Knives gained popularity as a souvenir during World War II and then exploded onto the world stage shortly after. Today, all blades sold globally are still produced in a Victorinox facility in Ibach, Switzerland. About 45,000 knives are made daily here, and there are more than 400 models to choose from.

Noting this, you might be asking yourself: What Swiss Army Knife is best? Whether you’re looking for versatility, a large blade, or a small, compact one, there’s a Swiss Army Knife for you.

Here’s a look at some of our favorites and most popular:

Victorinox Handyman: Incredibly Versatile

Two blades. Can opener. Chisel. Bottle opener. Scissors. Toothpick. Filer.

Those are just a few of the 24 functions packed into the Victorinox Handyman utility knife, making this one of the most versatile knives that you can own. At 3.5 inches when closed, it’s small enough to fit into your pocket, toolbox, or backpack easily. Still, when it’s open, there are 24 functions to choose from, making this knife a go-to accessory for everything from basic repairs and everyday cutting tasks to a utility tool to bring along on camping trips. The knife also comes with a lifetime warranty. Another great thing about this style of knife? It comes with a key ring attached, making it easy to attach to your house or car keys so it can go with you wherever you do.

Victorinox MiniChamp: Small but Packed With Potential

Don’t let the small size of the Victorinox MiniChamp fool you. Though it’s only 2.28 inches long when closed and features a maximum blade length of 1.5 inches, it’s full of potential. It features 16 functions, including a letter opener, nail file, tweezers, scissors, and a wire stripper. Yet, it easily tucks away into your pocket for convenient storage when not in use. With a stable grip and stainless steel blades, it’s made with the same quality that all Victorinox knives are known for, and the handle’s cellidor polish helps make it both comfortable and sleek. The MiniChamp is small but mighty. Sometimes it’s not so much the size of the knife but the functionality that’s packed into it!

Victorinox Ranger Grip: Your Ideal Outdoor Blade

We love the Victorinox Ranger Grip as an accessory for camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor adventures. It’s larger than the other two Swiss Army Knives on this list, weighing over 8 ounces with a closed size of just over 5 inches. However, it’s an ideal companion for more rugged adventures, featuring 14 functions and an ergonomic grip for you to put any one of the tools packed into it to good use.

Some of the gadgets included in its footprint are a screwdriver, corkscrew, large blade, can opener, nut wrench, and bottle opener. The knife also locks, making it stable enough to use for more rigorous cutting purposes. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be entering the great outdoors unprepared, and the Ranger Grip can undoubtedly check off a few boxes when it comes to essential items that you may want to bring.

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Which Swiss Army Knife Should I Get?

Whether you’re an avid camper, hunter, or hiker or just need a blade handy for basic everyday tasks, there’s a good chance that the one you’re using (or will eventually purchase) is a Swiss Army Knife. These utility knives are among the most popular in the world, preferred for a variety of reasons. For starters, there’s the quality that’s packed into every blade. All Victorinox knives are manufactured in Switzerland, where the brand was founded in the late 1800s.

In fact, about 45,000 knives are made daily at the manufacturing facility in the city of Ibach, and more than 400 Swiss Army Knife models are available for purchase. Plus, there’s the functionality that comes with every tool. Victorinox knives are small, compact utility knives that offer so much more than just a blade into their makeup.

Yet, with 400 models to choose from at All Things Swiss, you might ask yourself just what Swiss Army Knife is right for you. Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite knives available for purchase today:

Classic SD Swiss Army Knives

Unique and incredibly versatile, the Swiss Army Knife Classic SD makes for a great starter knife and can help you complete various everyday tasks. What’s more is they’re compact and fit into the keychain knife category, as they can easily fasten to your key ring for carrying purposes and enhanced accessibility. Select from various designs like rainbow tye-dye to the American flag and enjoy all the functionality that these knives have to offer. The Classic SD knives make for a great starter blade and are priced accordingly at under $30 each. All are also backed by a lifetime warranty!

Keychain Swiss Army Knives

Just because a knife has a small footprint does not mean that it doesn’t have big potential. And while most Victorinox Swiss Army Knives can easily tuck away into your pocket, what’s nice about keychain knives is they can fasten to your key ring for quick, convenient access when you need it. What’s also great about these more compact knives is that they can be brought into public places where a larger, more obvious knife may raise some concerns or even be restricted.

So, just what types of features are included in a keychain Swiss Army Knife? Of course, there’s the blade, but then other value-added accessories such as scissors, screwdrivers, tweezers, can openers, and more. When you combine this functionality with a compact footprint, you get a go-to knife that you’ll want to take with you everywhere you go. Similar to the Classic SD models, keychain models are also affordable in price and make for a great starter blade.

Large Function Swiss Army Knives

While the other two Swiss Army Knives are on a smaller scale, note that larger knives are available for purchase. The good news about Large Function Swiss Army Knives is that while their footprint may be a bit larger, they’re still small enough to serve as the ideal companion to wherever the day takes you. And a larger footprint also often means enhanced functionality.

As such, larger Victorinox knives pack more tools into their makeup and may include a magnifying glass, ballpoint pen, hook, and more beyond just the cutting blade. A bigger knife comes with bigger potential, but Large Function knives won’t outgrow the side pocket on your backpack or a place on your belt loop. These kinds range in price from about $50 to more than $100 per model.

For more information on Swiss Army Knives and which of the 400 available models on the market today might be best for you, contact All Things Swiss today!