Best Stocking Stuffers: Swiss Army Keychain Knives

‘Tis the season of giving. Have you made your list and checked it twice? Or do you still need to finish up your holiday shopping?

No matter your situation, you don’t just want to buy a gift for the sake of buying. You want it to mean something and for your recipient to find value in it. If you’re looking for unique yet practical stocking stuffers or gift ideas this year, your search can end with our Swiss Army Knives. Not only are they practical in a variety of everyday situations, but they’re compact enough to be carried everywhere your gift recipient goes. In this post, we’ll discuss why Swiss Army Knives are the perfect stocking stuffers and gifts.

Perfect Keychain Knives

Swiss Army keychain knives make for the ultimate stocking stuffer for multiple reasons. They come in various colors and styles, offer multi-tool functionality, and come in a compact footprint. They’re convenient and can be used in everyday situations — truly the gift that keeps on giving.
This holiday season, give the gift of a Swiss Army Knife to loved ones on your shopping list. Far more than just your typical present, you’re gifting practicality when you give a Victorinox keychain knife. You’re offering a knife that can go anywhere its recipient goes and be utilized as a box or paper cutter, filer, bottle opener, and more. There’s a keychain knife waiting to fill everyone’s stocking this year, from special editions to classic colors and styles.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Keychain knives are great stocking stuffers, but larger Victorinox Swiss Army Knives make fantastic gifts that you can place underneath the tree. Bigger Swiss Army Knives take practicality a step further, serving as an ideal tool for more demanding situations in the outdoors and the same everyday tasks that the smaller knives are used for. Slightly larger, these units also tend to pack more functionality into them. They include multi-tool options such as a blade, filer, can opener, scissors, toothpick, corkscrew, and others. Whether you’re eyeing a keychain knife or a larger unit, rest assured that these quality models are built to last. Featuring stainless-steel blades, our All Things Swiss products come with a lifetime guarantee!

Happy Holidays from All Things Swiss

From small knives that will top off the stocking hanging above the fireplace to larger models that can be wrapped and placed underneath the tree, your loved one is sure to find value in a new, versatile tool. Once they open it, they’ll never want to leave home without it. For more information on our range of small and large Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, browse the All Things Swiss website today or contact the team for more details!

Best Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Swiss Army Knives

What do you look for in the ideal outdoor Swiss army knife? Characteristics such as versatility and quality are two that should come to mind. However, a hunting or fishing knife needs to go above and beyond for the utmost performance. That is why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of Victorinox Swiss Army Knives. Here’s a look at the best outdoor pocket knives from All Things Swiss:

Victorinox Ranger Grip 74 & Victorinox Ranger Grip 57

Great all-around outdoor knives, the Victorinox Ranger Grip 74 and Ranger Grip 57 are two that can face any challenge. The former knife weighs just 8.1 ounces and is packed with multiple gadgets, including a toothpick, can opener, pliers, corkscrew, and wrench. The latter, Ranger Grip 57, takes things up a notch. It’s a knife designed for hunting, as evidenced by its 3.9-inch gutting blade. In addition to this feature, the Ranger Grip 57 is also outfitted with various tools, including a screwdriver, wire stripper, puncher/reamer, and a 4.2-inch wood saw. Both knives are compact and offer ergonomic grip handles.

Victorinox Handyman

The Victorinox Handyman Swiss Army Knife is packed with 24 functions, making this model an all-around option for anything that the great outdoors may throw your way. Parts include one large and small blade, a can opener, bottle opener, chisel, reamer, nail file, wood saw, and much more. Despite the wide range of functions that the Handyman offers, it’s all in a compact footprint of 3.5 inches when closed, meaning it can easily tuck into pockets, backpacks, and other day-to-day items.

Swiss Tool Spirit X

Whether it’s used for hunting or fishing, the Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit X is your one-knife-fits-all multi-tool. With more than 20 features packed into a compact footprint, a few gadgets include pliers, three different screwdrivers, scissors, a can opener, a multi-purpose hook, a crate opener, wire bender and stripper, and a sharp blade. The knife is made from stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. It can be easily cleaned, and it stores conveniently in a belt pouch.

Limited Edition Swiss Army Spartan

The Spartan Limited-Edition Swiss Army Knife, can be used for more than 100 tasks. When closed, the knife has a compact footprint of just 3.58 inches. However, a lot is packed into this small tool. Some of the features included in the Limited-Edition Swiss Army Spartan model are a large and small blade, a can opener, screwdriver, toothpick, tweezers, corkscrew, wire stripper, and more. Another unique feature is the new finishing process used on the stainless-steel blades and tools, which make this knife particularly high-end in both quality and aesthetics. The Spartan model comes in both black and white colors.

Best Outdoor Knives from All Things Swiss

At All Things Swiss, we are your ultimate one-stop-shop for all hunting, fishing, and outdoor knives. For more information on our wide selection of Swiss products, contact us today!

Give Swiss Made Gifts this Valentine’s Day

The Swiss Guide to Valentine’s Day!

When it’s time to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, saying there is a lot of pressure put upon you is an understatement. You need to find the perfect item that lets the person know you love them, you care about them, and you truly understand them. Yes, that can all be portrayed in one swiss made gift—as long as you choose correctly. We know it can be overwhelming, so we have put together a collection of some of our most love-of-your-life-worthy gifts.

Swiss Army Knives

Nothing says you care about someone more than a tool that will help keep them safe wherever they go, which is exactly what our Swiss army knives are made to do. And with over 80 Swiss army knives in the collection, there is sure to be the perfect one for your honey.

For example, our Army Rescue Tool – Fluoro Yellow was specifically designed to help in an emergency, like a car accident. It can be opened with one hand and includes a seatbelt cutter, a disc saw to use on shatterproof glass, and even a removable window breaker. Hopefully, your loved one never gets in a situation that requires these tools, but if they do, they will never be able to sufficiently repay for the thoughtful gift. By the way, just like most of our Swiss army knives, it also includes a large blade, heavy-duty screwdriver, tweezers, and a toothpick, so it has ample uses in everyday life as well.

If you are more worried about keeping your loved one safe on a day-to-day basis, our Midnite Manager Ruby Translucent – White LED is an ideal option. It has all of the high-quality tools you have come to expect in our Swiss army knives, such as a strong blade, scissors, and a screwdriver, but it also has a bright LED light built in. Because your sweetheart should never be left in the dark.


Just because we are known for our Swiss army knives, that doesn’t mean we don’t offer a variety of other items that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. For example, did you know we also have a collection of Victorinox fragrances that will delight and surprise even the most skeptical perfume lover?

  • The Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Eau de Toilette is our top seller for men, and even comes in a durable bottle that is refillable. It encompasses the Swiss mountains flawlessly with its woody fragrance and fresh undertones, making it utterly irresistible.
  • For women, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of our Victorinox Victoria Eau de Toilette. It’s a modern, feminine scent that includes notes from nature, including freesia, sandalwood, and Bulgarian rose.

Wenger Swiss Watches

If your special Valentine already has plenty of Swiss army knives, a better option might be one of our stylish Wenger Swiss watches. They are all made in Switzerland—known for producing high-quality watches that outperform the competition—and include a three-year warranty, so any of the styles will be well received.

  • If you are shopping for a woman, you might want to consider the Terragraph, one of our modern watches that includes sapphire crystal and a genuine leather band.
  • If a man is your heart’s desire, the rugged Seaforce watch, complete with a silicon band, rotating bezel, and water resistant capabilities, is perfect for businessmen and outdoorsmen alike.

Whether you opt for our high-quality Wenger watches, breathtaking perfume, or durable Swiss army knives, you are sure to delight your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

7 Everyday Uses for Swiss Army Knives

You know that Swiss army knives are a must when you go camping or hiking, but do you really need to carry one with you on a daily basis? Of course you do. With the variety of tools Swiss army knives have on them, there are very few days that will go by where you don’t pull the handy gadget out of your pocket. Drawing a blank on what you might use one for? Here are a few ideas, but we are sure you can come up with a lot more:

  • Open Stuff – From boxes and envelopes to bags of charcoal or pet food, there is never a shortage of items that need opening. The blades on all Swiss army knives will get the job done with very little effort—and you don’t even have to risk ruining your keys.
  • Cut Things – How many times a day do you have to go hunting around for scissors? Whether it’s a loose thread on your clothing or the insane packaging that exists on almost everything you buy, there will be plenty of times both the knife and scissors in our Swiss army knives will save the day.
  • Prepare Food – What is something you are guaranteed to do every day? Eat. And most of the time, this thrice-daily tradition involves some kind of prep work that Swiss army knives can help you with. Need to open a can? No problem. Have an apple that needs slicing? Covered. Our Executive Swiss Army Knife even has an orange peeler.
  • Trim Nails – Whether you have a pesky hangnail or you just want to cut your nails while passing the time at work, the Classic SD Swiss Army Knife contains everything you need to get it done, including a nail file, nail cleaner, and scissors.
  • Remove a Splinter – You never know when you will get one, and without a pair of tweezers handy, you will have a hard time getting it out. Luckily, the Explorer Swiss Army Knife, along with most of our Swiss army knives, includes this convenient tool.
  • Repair Items – From the saws and blades and chisels to the variety of screwdrivers our Swiss army knives contain (like the Soldier Swiss Army Knife), there will be very few things you won’t be able to fix on the spot.
  • Defend Yourself – While the primary purpose of a Swiss army knife is to be a tool to make life easier, it’s worth noting its ability to serve as a self-defense item—if needed. Hopefully you never do, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

The thing about Swiss army knives that makes them so great is that they offer a wide range of practical tools, all in a convenient package. So why not toss one in your pocket during your daily dressing ritual? One thing is for sure: You will never regret having it in your pocket, but you will most certainly wish you had it with you when one of the above circumstances arises.

Shop our large inventory of Classic Swiss Army Knives here!