Wenn CH Berge auch im Ausland duften!
Von der Passion einer Jungunternehmerin – Lisa Tschirky.

Roughly translates to:
If the fragrances of the Swiss Mountains smell abroad-
The Passion of a Young Entrepreneur – Lisa Tschirky

Swiss Alpine Scents – Edelweiss Soap – Swiss Made

Lisa Tschirky‘In the mountains at dawn, when the sky starts glowing and the sun gets up to drink the morning dew of the alpine flowers, the meadows start developing their perfumes: delicate, fine scents. I have incorporated these scents into my products so that we can remember this beautifully peaceful moment in our daily lives.’

MILLEIDEES is a small company located in Switzerland that creates and develops high quality, organic Swiss-made products for everyday use.

Lisa Tschirky, the Swiss owner, started the company “so that we can remember this beautifully peaceful moment in our daily lives.” Lisa developed a range of Swiss soaps with discreet scents which would remind them of their trip to Switzerland – Tourists could bring home the scents of the Swiss mountains.

Born with a delicate nose, Lisa gets her inspiration from hiking the Swiss mountains, and from the subtle scents of mountain flowers, wet moss or warm wood. Her Swiss soaps have discreet scents reminiscent the Swiss mountains, and many include a soft hint of Edelweiss flowers.

Turists love to take with them the smell of Switzerland’s national flower, the Edelwiess. This small white flower is found high in the swiss alps and has a beautiful scent. Lisa knew she must include it in her soaps, for them. Though, turists are not the only ones who support her products, but also the Swiss people. Lisa began to develop other soaps for the modern house, and soap bars for kitchen and garden use. Many cooks gravitate toward the ‘cuisine’ soap (shown here) which neutralizes smell of garlic and fish on their hands. Gardeners, on the other hand, tend to appreciate the calming effect of the alpine chamomile extract in the ‘garden’ soap.

Edelweiss SoapMilleidees works with the best Swiss soap manufacturer and Swiss mountain farmers who maintain their organic Edelweiss fields with tender loving care. Lisa uses the wood of the alpine maple trees from the Bernese Oberland and of the alpine pine trees from the Engadin for soap dishes. Milk comes from alpine pastures, from happy cows and goats, and organic honey and extracts from Edelweiss flower (also called alpine flower) enrich the soaps. Even glacier water from Findelglacier in Zermatt is included in one of the soaps- it is said that glacier milk is mineral rich and makes your skin feel fresh and soft.

MILLEIDEES’ is dedicated to keeping the knowledge of old Swiss craftsmanship alive, conserving traditional methods and materials for the next generation. The company works together with an old Swiss weavery for linen hand towels and uses the finely grated shavings of the alpine pine wood to carefully fill into half-linen sachets, as a natural moth repellent. This is done by hand, filling the MILLEIDEES workshop with the wonderfully warm perfume of the alpine pine.

The MILLEIDEES products are proudly Swiss and made of the finest quality materials and organic ingredients.

Edelweiss SoapBring home the soft scent of Edelweiss soap to reminisce of Switzerland today. Every product has its own story to tell!

Note: You can find all of Lisa’s fine products from Milleidees of Zurich here at www.all-things-swiss.com. All Things Swiss is the sole distributor of Milleidees organic all-natural soaps in the United States.