7 Everyday Uses for Swiss Army Knives

You know that Swiss army knives are a must when you go camping or hiking, but do you really need to carry one with you on a daily basis? Of course you do. With the variety of tools Swiss army knives have on them, there are very few days that will go by where you don’t pull the handy gadget out of your pocket. Drawing a blank on what you might use one for? Here are a few ideas, but we are sure you can come up with a lot more:

  • Open Stuff – From boxes and envelopes to bags of charcoal or pet food, there is never a shortage of items that need opening. The blades on all Swiss army knives will get the job done with very little effort—and you don’t even have to risk ruining your keys.
  • Cut Things – How many times a day do you have to go hunting around for scissors? Whether it’s a loose thread on your clothing or the insane packaging that exists on almost everything you buy, there will be plenty of times both the knife and scissors in our Swiss army knives will save the day.
  • Prepare Food – What is something you are guaranteed to do every day? Eat. And most of the time, this thrice-daily tradition involves some kind of prep work that Swiss army knives can help you with. Need to open a can? No problem. Have an apple that needs slicing? Covered. Our Executive Swiss Army Knife even has an orange peeler.
  • Trim Nails – Whether you have a pesky hangnail or you just want to cut your nails while passing the time at work, the Classic SD Swiss Army Knife contains everything you need to get it done, including a nail file, nail cleaner, and scissors.
  • Remove a Splinter – You never know when you will get one, and without a pair of tweezers handy, you will have a hard time getting it out. Luckily, the Explorer Swiss Army Knife, along with most of our Swiss army knives, includes this convenient tool.
  • Repair Items – From the saws and blades and chisels to the variety of screwdrivers our Swiss army knives contain (like the Soldier Swiss Army Knife), there will be very few things you won’t be able to fix on the spot.
  • Defend Yourself – While the primary purpose of a Swiss army knife is to be a tool to make life easier, it’s worth noting its ability to serve as a self-defense item—if needed. Hopefully you never do, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

The thing about Swiss army knives that makes them so great is that they offer a wide range of practical tools, all in a convenient package. So why not toss one in your pocket during your daily dressing ritual? One thing is for sure: You will never regret having it in your pocket, but you will most certainly wish you had it with you when one of the above circumstances arises.

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