Why We Love Organic Edelweiss Soap from Switzerland

Skin: Your body’s largest organ and your first line of defense against the outside world. Clearly, you need to take care of it. But the problem is that many seemingly great products marketed for skincare today are actually putting harmful chemicals and toxins into your body. We don’t think that’s right, which is why we are firm believers in our Organic Edelweiss Soap. Here are the things we love about it:

Made With Organic Ingredients

Perhaps the most important reason to adore the organic Edelweiss soaps is that they are 100% natural—yes, that means none of the nasty animal fat that is found in most supermarket soaps. So what is in the organic Edelweiss soaps? They are made in Switzerland and are composed of the purest ingredients available. From the fresh glacier water to the soothing sunflower oil to the thyme, sage, and Edelweiss extract, your skin will receive nothing but the finest organic ingredients.

Can Be Used On Face and Body

When you take a shower, do you have different cleansers for your face and body? That’s because most body soaps on the market aren’t gentle enough for the delicate skin on your face. However, with our organic Edelweiss soaps, you don’t need to worry about purchasing two different products. The natural formula works great no matter how sensitive the skin is, from your forehead to your toes.

Have a Clean, Discreet Fragrance

No matter which organic Edelweiss soap you opt for, your mind will be relaxed and your soul will be renewed when you take in the soft, pleasing scent straight out of Switzerland. They are subtle enough that you can still wear your favorite perfume or cologne, but fresh enough that you won’t need to. Once you smell the aroma of the organic Edelweiss soaps, you will never be able to look at another soap the same.

Pleasing To Look At

It’s true that what your soap looks like should not be a deal breaker, but when you get such a refreshing, organic soap that is also pleasant to look at you know you have a real winner. The delicately round organic Edelweiss soap bar is available in blue, white, or yellow to match with any décor or personal taste. Imprinted into the soap is the beautiful Edelweiss mountain flower, serving as a gentle reminder that the soap you are using is an original product of Switzerland.

When you use organic Edelweiss soap on a daily basis, the pure ingredients will make your skin smoother and suppler. It is completely natural, so even people with sensitive skin can use it. Oh, and it looks heavenly, smells divine and comes straight form Switzerland. Really, there’s nothing not to love about the organic Edelweiss soaps.