10 Reasons to Own Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army Knives are one of the most practical things you can tuck in your pocket at the beginning of your day—yes, even more so than your phone. You never know when you might need one, and when the situation arises where you do, you will be thankful you have it. Are you still not sure if Swiss Army Knives are for you? Check out these top 10 signs you should buy Swiss Army Knives online:

1. You find food in your teeth.

Have you ever glanced in the mirror and noticed that you had food stuck in your teeth, and the last time you ate was four hours ago? You quickly think about how many people you talked to, laughed with, and smiled at, and you can’t help but be embarrassed. If only you had a Swiss Army Knife to come to your rescue. Almost all Swiss Army Knives have toothpicks, even the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – Classic SD, which means you can face the world again.

2. Your kids go through batteries like they do toilet paper.

If you have children who love toys that require batteries, you know how often you have to change those suckers—way too much. It’s almost like the toy companies have contracts with Duracell so they can stay in business. Luckily, most Swiss Army Knives have at least one screwdriver to help you out, because it’s a lot easier grabbing one out of your pocket than it is digging through the toolbox every time.

3. You enjoy wine at your picnics.

Ah, the romantic date: a light stroll on the boardwalk followed by a picnic in the park. To really make it special, you brought along your honey’s favorite bottle of wine. But unless you were prepared and grabbed your Swiss Army Knife with a corkscrew on the way out of the door, you are going to have a hard time getting the bottle open. However, if you did remember your Swiss Army Knife, not only can you open the wine with finesse, but you can even offer to peel your lady’s apple for her.

4. You have an obsession with IKEA.

IKEA is a magical place full of furniture, decorative items, and hundreds of other things you never knew you needed. If you visit IKEA frequently, then you better have some Swiss Army Knives handy—like the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – Spartan. Even if the furniture comes with the tools you need to put them together, that doesn’t mean you will be able to find them when you are two hours into the assembly. Thank goodness most Swiss Army Knives have screwdrivers.

5. You put yourself in questionable situations.

Call it risk-taking if you will, but sometimes you find yourself in peculiar places. Like that one time you woke up and you were tied to a tree. One of your friend’s pranks! Man, if only you had a Swiss Army Knife in your pocket so you could cut yourself out of that mess. Instead, you just had to wait for someone to find you, and it took a long time. If you were smart, you chose to buy Swiss Army Knives online when you got home so you could be prepared for the next time that happens—because you have a feeling it will.

6. You buy real beer, not the screw-on-lid stuff.

C’mon, admit it, the good beer requires a bottle opener. So what are you supposed to do if you end up at a beer tasting and nobody remembered the bottle opener? Hopefully, you had some forethought and tossed your Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – Super Tinker in your pocket. Now you get to be the hero, and you may even get a little extra beer because of it.

7. You can’t touch wood without getting a splinter.

Whether you get them from opening your gate or from the railing at the supermarket entry, splinters just seem to love you—and it’s not a mutual relationship. A splinter hurts, and the sooner you can get it out, the better. Hopefully, you have one of the Swiss Army Knives on you that has a pair of tweezers. If you don’t, well, maybe you can find someone that does.

8. You get chili cravings on campouts.

For some reason, chili cooked over an open fire just tastes so much better than when you cook it in your own kitchen. As soon as the chili craving hits, you head to the grocery store and pick out your favorite. You rush back to your campsite, anxious to eat, and then you realize you don’t have a way to open the can. You better hope some of the people in your group have Swiss Army Knives so you can actually retrieve the chili that is calling your name.

9. You are told you are going to be dropped off on an island and you can only bring one thing.

It’s a question that is commonly asked at parties, “What would you bring with you to a deserted island?” But for you, this isn’t a party game. If you are smart, you will choose the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – Swiss Champ. From the fish scaler to the large blade to the wood saw, you will be able to treat yourself pretty nicely on your little adventure.

10. You leave your house.

The bottom line is that everyone can benefit from Swiss Army Knives. They aren’t just for hunters or hikers, they are for anyone who heads out into the world on a regular basis. You will be surprised how many uses you find for your Swiss Army Knives once you decide to buy Swiss Army Knives online.