Why Swiss Matters in a Knife

Chances are you’ve gone your whole life hearing about the infamous Swiss army knives, but what does that even mean? There are a lot of pocket knives around, what makes Swiss the one to own? The phrase “Swiss army knife” was coined during World War II and today is synonymous with a product that is not just a knife.

A true Swiss army knife made by Vitcorinox AG, a company still headquartered in Switzerland, is a multi-purpose pocket tool. It is a knife but so much more. Consider two examples of some of the best Swiss army knives available from All Things Swiss.

Swiss Army “Spirit X” Tool

As soon as you lay your eyes on the Spirit X, you will know this is not a knife in the traditional sense. This stainless steel implement looks more like pliers but the handles store a variety of tools. With this product, you get:

  • Needlenose pliers
  • 4 screwdrivers including a 2mm, 3mm, 5mm
  • Wire cutter
  • Cap lifter
  • Crate opener
  • Straight edge blade
  • Scissors
  • Metal file
  • Metal and wood saws
  • Reamer
  • Chisel
  • Wire bender, stripper and scraper

Each piece of this multi-functional tool comes complete with a lifetime warranty against defects in the materials or workmanship. The entire “knife” is durable stainless steel. It comes with its own leather storage pouch for convenient carrying whether going to the store or on a camping trip. With the Spirit X, you have almost every tool you could need right at your fingertips, all made with true Swiss army knife quality.

Swiss Army Rescue Tool

The nice thing about the Victorinox collection of Swiss army knives is the variety. Designers of the Rescue Tool wanted to give first responders something they could carry in their pockets with pride. This highly functional piece provides tools one might need to save the day.

  • Large lock blade – opens easily with one hand
  • 2 Screwdrivers
  • Window breaker
  • Cap lifter
  • Wire stripper
  • One hand seatbelt cutter
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Glass disc saw suitable for shatterproof glass
  • Nylon cord
  • Nylon pouch

The Rescue Tool was the IWA’s Knife of the Year for 2007, and comes with the standard Swiss army knife lifetime warranty.

Why Pay for Swiss Army Knife Quality?

There are imposter knives out there selling for one-quarter of the cost. They offer some nifty tools too, so why do people go their whole lives longing to own the real deal? The Swiss are known for their manufacturing quality – that is one reason. The original manufacturer, Karl Elsener, made surgical equipment. He instilled that same class and efficiency into his pocket tool creations, insisting each come with a special spring mechanism that was innovative for its time.

Cheap knockoffs are just that – cheap. They may have many of the same attachments, but the metal is flimsy. Victorinox offers the spring action that made Elsener famous plus quality, functional tools that stand the test of time. Owning a Swiss army knife fills your pocket with a little bitty piece of history, too. Quality and an iconic reputation make for a winning combination.