The Zinn-Stube Pewter Foundry

The Zinn-Stube pewter foundry, located in Switzerland, produces the lovely, hand-cast pewter candlesticks, vases, tankards, and letter openers made available through All Things The Swiss company is relatively small, employing 30 full-time workers. All Things Swiss chose this particular pewter foundry for their dedication to precision and commitment to preserving the traditional, handmade pewter process. Zinn-Stube uses techniques from the 18th century, helping to maintain the beauty and noble character of each individual piece. With over 1,200 different molds, Zinn-Stube is sure to provide the quality pewter artifact you seek.

The Pewter Production Process

While other pewter companies may have removed the handmade component of their products by replacing men with machines, Zinn-Stube maintains the traditional process. This Swiss company still uses the techniques from the 18th century. Zinn-sube may have upgraded the material used for casting, but not their process.

How The Swiss Company, Zinn-Stube, Makes Their Quality Pewter Products:

Step 1: Casting: Molten pewter (mostly tin and other metals) is poured into a casting mold. This Swiss pewter foundry uses three different techniques, depending on the pewter product. Handles, bases, cups and other components are all separate casts.

  • Steel casting molds, with subsequent work on the automatic lathe
  • Steel casting molds preheated with gas, and later cooled with water
  • In silicon casting molds, followed by centrifuging

Step 2: Trimming: After each new pewter piece is has cooled and hardened, they must undergo trimming. Excess pewter is needed to while making a piece. For example, a small smooth handle may require significant extra material to make it. Up to 70% of it is removed.

Step 3: Welding: After the newly created pewter piece is trimmed to its intended shape and design, they are hand welded together to create the single piece.

Step 4: Buffing: After the molds are assembled they are hand polished with steel wool. The steel wool creates a classic pewter finish.  Pieces can be further polished resemble a matte or silver high-shine polish.

Step 5: Polishing: This is the final step before the product gets shipped to your door. One uses a polishing rag to make sure your hand-cast pewter is clean and defect-free. The final product retains its polish and requires little care.

Our Quality Crafted Pewter Products

Our pewter is a combination of Swiss design and high quality craftsmanship. Our pewter products come directly from Switzerland and are handmade by the Swiss people, not mass produced by machines. Our lovely, hand-cast pewter tankards, vases, and letter openers retain their polish and require little care; all while being offered at reasonable rates. Click here to view our Zinn-Stube Pewter.