It’s hard to decide which better serves as a universal icon for Swiss ingenuity and dedication to precision and quality, the Swiss Army knife or the Swiss made timepiece, but nothing quite embodies the qualities of versatility, durability, meticulous design and manufacture, and just downright practical usefulness more than a Swiss Army knife. From it’s humble beginnings in 1891 with just a few tools to the incredible range of models and tool combinations available today, Victorinox has truly succeeded in developing a product to fit almost any need or lifestyle.

The problem is, with so many options available, which knife do you choose? The good news is Swiss Army knives are so affordable that you can own several, a model to fit whichever situation you encounter in your day to day life. Collecting them can be addictive! Need a tool for daily life that is unobtrusive yet useful? The ever popular 7-function Classic model will fit the bill nicely, with it’s small blade, nail file, scissors, tweezers and toothpick. Or choose the Slim Signature 8 GB which adds a USB drive and a ballpoint pen.

The options for more rugged use are legion but the Swiss Army Explorer is an excellent choice with a large and small blade, Phillips screwdriver, scissors, awl, hook, can and bottle opener, corkscrew, and the surprisingly useful magnifying glass.

Of course you could cover all the bases with the humongous 85-tool Wenger Giant, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most functional pocket knife.

Whatever your lifestyle there’s a Swiss Army knife for you. Spend an enjoyable afternoon just browsing the different models available and make a wish list of the ones you’ve just got to have. All Things Swiss is always ready with expert advice and hassle-free ordering assistance.