Have you ever been in a position where you needed a specific item to get something done? Maybe you are at home and you need a pair of tweezers to get out a splinter, or perhaps you need a reamer to add a new hole to your leather belt. What about when you go camping and you could really use the can opener that you left on the kitchen counter? Or when you need a chisel so that you can shave a stick for roasting marshmellows? With the SwissChamp knife, you can be ready for whatever life throws your way, no matter where you are.

The SwissChamp is like having a mini hardware store in your pocket. It is only 3.5 inches long, one inch wide, and 1.3 inches thick, yet it contains over 30 different tools that can come in handy while working on home improvement projects, camping, fishing, and other everyday tasks. Here’s a brief rundown on all of the things the Swiss Champion can do for you.

At Home

Even though a Swiss Army knife is a great item to carry with you when you leave the house, it can also provide plenty of benefits while you are at home. Take the corkscrew and cap lifter for example. When you want to crack open a beer or bottle of wine, you won’t have to waste time rumbling through your kitchen drawers trying to find the tools you need to do so. And you never know when you might need the scissors, magnifying glass, multi-purpose hook, or sewing eye to complete a specialized project.


When you are out and about, the nail file, nail cleaner, and toothpick can do wonders for helping you look your best. This Swiss Army knife champ also includes a pressurized ballpoint pen, which will come in handy more than you realize. And with the included key ring, it couldn’t be any easier to bring it with you every time you leave the house.

While Camping or Hiking

When you are out enjoying the great outdoors, you are naturally equipped with a lot of the tools you need to get things done. But that doesn’t mean a little help wouldn’t be nice. All SwissChamp knives include both a large and small blade and wood and metal saws that can be used to help you with all sorts of tasks while you are camping. You will be able to effortlessly gather the lumber you need for a fire and cut off any fruits or plants you want to eat. If pre-made food is more your thing, the aforementioned can opener is ideal to make eating some chili or SpaghettiOs that much easier.

Fishing, Anyone?

It is no secret that fishing requires a lot of equipment. From hooks to bobbers to baits, your tackle box is already full enough. With the Swiss Champion, you will be able to carry your fish scaler, hook disgorger, ruler, pliers, wire crimping tool, and wire cutters all in one convenient place.

For the Handyman in You

Sometimes you are working on a project at home and you discover the need for a specialized tool. That’s where the SwissChamp‘s stainless pin, wire stripper, and metal file become useful. To round it off, the SwissChamp knife includes five different screwdrivers, because you can never have too many of them.